Her first photographs from the late seventies and beginning of the eighties address the private space from the aesthetics of the family photo album. These are scenes that capture the intimacy and the habits of domestic life, narrated with images encrypted in autobiography. In the nineties, she develops a special interest in natural themes and landscape photos in general. This interest coincides with a greater control, on the part of the author, of the techniques and tools of scientific digital photography applied to plant photography and other natural or artificial elements.

These images, which contain natural elements in the foreground, are influenced by the work of modern-day authors such as Imogen Cunninghan. This is when she begins her exploration of the expressive possibilities of the portrait. Towards the end of the nineties and the beginning of 2000, the theme of the city, its architecture and its urbanology as a stage for the contradictory relationship between individuality and overcrowding, begins to take a leading role in her work, where the influence of Jeff Wall can be appreciated. These are works that “look”, in a sort of voyeuristic style, at the gestures and attitudes either of individuals or of a group; they speak to us of life in the cities of our time.

Already in the XXI century, Flor Mayoral performs a deep immersion in contemporary portraiture photography, making this genre the poetical support of her photographic project. She investigates the mechanisms of the expressionist language of the portrait in works like those of Thomas Struff, taking it to its ultimate expressive aesthetic consequences.

Her portraits in extreme close-ups “document”, from a forensic visual perspective, the most absolute expressiveness of the face, its most stark reality enriching our psychological perception of the image. Her photographic project, Before (Now) After, can be viewed as her most personal work; one with an instinctive mastery of the symbolic capital of contemporary photography. It also constitutes a risky and audacious conceptual proposal on the updating on the genre of the portrait in postmodernity.


  • Flor Mayoral (Havana, 1955). Resides and works in Miami.
  • Bachelors in Science in Pharmacology from the University of Florida – 1976
  • Doctor of Medicine: University of Florida – 1981
  • Specialization in Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery: University of Miami – 1985
Selective blindness is optional. Behold what most of us choose not to see.
— Flor Mayoral